Monmouth Banquet

Monmouth Banquet 020

The hall before the guests

Thank you to all our guests in helping us make this a very special event on Friday 6 November at Colyton Town Hall.

To celebrate the extraordinary success of the Monmouth Rebellion Living History Day in June of this year in Colyton, the Promote Colyton Group decided to organise a banquet to thank everybody concerned who contributed so freely and help make it such a great occasion. The invitation to the banquet read: “The Duke of Monmouth requested the pleasure of the company of all those who helped make the day the incredible success it was”.

Our Guests of Honour were of course The Taunton Garrison appearing as Sir William Portman’s Regiment Somerset Militia. The hall was beautifully bedecked and  festooned for the occasion befitting the distinguished company of the folk. It was just a shame the hall couldn’t accommodate even more guests.


The Chantry Kingers

The  Menu was stunning,  all starting with a welcome drink, a special Militia Punch. Then many courses that included dishes like Bagwell’s Pâté, followed by Monmouth’s Landing Poached Salmon, followed by Roger Satchell’s Pie, followed by Winter Salad, followed by Judge Jeffrey’s Desserts and then for those few of us with any space left, there was King James’s Platter of Rustic Cheeses & Fruits (for those who found the main courses all a bit too ‘meaty or fishy’, there were some delicious alternative vegetarian dishes). All of the food was served by our highly efficient and industrious ‘serving wenches’ (which seems a little unkind a term to use, as they looked superb and behaved delightfully). The meal was all washed down with fine wines, copious quantities of ale and then palates smoothed and relaxed with mead! (perhaps we should have provided some aspirins too!)

Monmouth Banquet 018

Our ‘serving wenches’!

During the proceedings, the diners were serenaded by the Chantry Kingers who were in fine fettle for the evening and sang some magnificent and stirring songs for the entertainment of all.

There are so many thanks to be made and impossible to list here, but one person who stands out for her contributions for not only designing, creating, cooking and preparing much of the food, but also responsible for the imaginative stage decoration… Jacky Roberts-Wake. What would we have all done without her!

Thank you all for your support from the Promote Colyton Group.

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